What's the difference between PNG, PDF and SVG?

PNG is the image file format you will need in most cases because it allows a transparent background. PDF and SVG are both vector formats, so you can use them for very large images without risking the resolution. PDF will serve for printing uses, while SVG is the format you are looking for if you need to edit the content with a vector software.

What if I can't find the asset I need?

If you can't find the asset you are looking for after checking the sennder Brand Folder you can request it here!

Can I use a different typography?

To secure the brand coherence we need to be consistent, so try to stick with the fonts specified in the typography section. You can find where to download them if you don't have them yet installed in your laptop.

Does sennder Italia have its own Photo Bank? What if I can't find the picture I need in the Photo Bank?

As sennder and sennder Italia share the same photographic style, both share the same Photo Bank. If the concept you need to represent is not in the sennder Photo Bank you can go to Unsplash and try to find a picture there. Just make sure to follow the Photography Guideline.

Do I need to install the sennder Italia typographies before using the templates?

Yes, you need to install all of the sennder Italia typographies before downloading any of the sennder italia or sennder assets. If you don't do this, the template might show a random alternative typography instead.

How do I install the typographies on my laptop?

For installing the typographies on your laptop you first need to download the type files. After doing that you need to open the type files and follow the instalation instructions.

Where can I find the icons? What if I can't find the icon I need?

sennder and sennder italia share the same Icon Bank. If you can find the icon you need on the sennder Icon Bank you can request it here. If you need it super fast you can find more icons on The Noun Project but you need to make sure to choose an icon that matchs the iconography styleguide, so it needs to be made out of lines and lines only, has the same thickness and level of detail as our sennder icons and be in sennder Italia colors.

How can I submit my work for the possibility to be featured on the showcase?

For the possiblity to be featured on the sennder Italia brand Showcase you can submite your project here. We will evaluate it and share it in this website to inspire others to use the brand to create beautiful and effective graphic pieces.

Can I use the sennder brand for sennder Italia purposes?

sennder Italia powered by Poste Italiane is a Joint Venture and an independent brand. Both brand expressions (sennder and sennder Italia) differ from each other in logo and colors, and is very important to use each of them in the right situations to help our stakeholders understand that difference.

Can I use the sennder orange for sennder Italia graphics?

Ideally no. The main difference between sennder and sennder Italia is the logo and the color application. sennder's primary color is the orange, but sennder Italia doesn't use the orange in its graphics, but all the rest of the sennder palette plus the Poste Italia yellow and blue.