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This Guide

 This Guide 

About this guide

Let's secure consistency.

sennder is moving towards becoming a global company. With the fast paced growth and development of branches, we require a brand identity that is cohesive through all our offices and teams, guiding not only new joiners but all of us including our customers, carriers, and partners into a courageous brand experience. Having a strong brand through all departments in place is essential to secure consistency, trust and professionalism to all our stakeholders. The outlined guidelines currently cover 5 elements: logo, typography, colors, photography and iconography. This is a living platform which will grow in elements with time.  

How to use this guide.

This website provides you with all the current sennder assets as well as guidance on how to work with the sennder visual brand appropriately. In Assets you will find our typography, presentation templates, logos, icons and images for you to download and use. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can submit a request within the Help section. The System section will give you an understanding on how to use each element of the system depending on the context. For inspiration, check out some of our examples in the Showcase.



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The System

 The System 

The brand system

A brand is not a logo.

A brand is the voice, face and spirit of a company. It consists of things such as the logo, the colors or the typography, but those are just elements that gain strength only when working together in a system, to communicate not just the vision of the company, but its soul and core values.

The elements of the system.

The sennder system is composed of many different elements: the logo, colors, typography, the icons, the photography and the composition. To learn how to use each of them, explore the Elements of the System.

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