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Clear and simple

Poste Italiane and sennder Italia joined forces to create the best market value for customers and carriers possible. Together we are going the extra mile. To emphasize our strong partnership and yet pointing out each company's individuality, the logo includes both brands and colors.

JV Logo-01.jpg


The logo is carefully constructed to emphasize each company as its own while creating a balance with special focus on proportions and structure. The divisor line separates the logo into two parts, while integrating both halves allowing the logo to be perceived as a whole.

JV Logo-02.jpg


The clearspace around the logo is equal to 2 times the divisor line's length (or the logo height).

JV Logo-03.jpg


Our logo is designed to scale to small sizes on both print and screen.
 The smallest size being 20 pixels hight/0.7 centimeter hight.


The logo should be dark gray on white and light grey background, or white on dark grey background, white on darker background and dark grey on lighter background depending on the composition of your document or slide.

The Posteitaliane symbol in the logo should always maintain its original colors, yellow and blue. 

JV Logo-04.jpg


The position of the logo will depend on the graphic piece and the content that it contains, but as a general rule, the logo should be centered if alone in the format and on one corner if it shares space with more content. 

JV Logo-05.jpg


Aligning partnership logos should follow clear space rules. 
The separating line between logos is a vertical line longer than the logo, placed in the middle of the suggested clear space, as shown below.

JV Logo-06.jpg


The joint venture brand is dynamic. The horizontal logo is the primary version. In case the format doesn't allow the usage of it, alternatively, the vertical version of the logo can be used if it fits the format better than the horizontal primary one. The isotype is to be used on special occasions when the legibility of the logotypes can't be assured.

Brand Logo_JV-07.png



Primary font: Open Sans.

Our choice of font is approachable, human, yet clean and technical. Utilising it helps provide increased visibility and recognition across all touch points of the brand.

Brand type-01.jpg
Brand type-02.jpg


The wide variety of weights within the Open Sans font allows dynamism and hierarchy. Semibold weight should be paired with Light weight, and Bold weight should be paired with Regular weight.

Brand type-05.jpg

Secondary Font: Helvetica Neue

For long texts, paragraphs, lists, or anything but titles, subtitles, headlines and captions, we use Helvetica Neue, a highly readable font. A sure move that will always work out.

Brand type-07-07.jpg


It is important to organize typography in 
a hierarchical system according to relative importance or inclusiveness through scale 
and function depending on communication.

Brand type-05.jpg
Brand type-06.jpg

Typography Colors.

The type should be dark grey on lighter backgrounds and white on darker backgrounds. The color of the typography should never be black but rather dark grey. Check  colors  for the Joint Venture color codes.

Brand type-12.jpg



Primary Colors.

Our primary brand colors are dark gray and white. We use it as the most dominant color in all our marketing materials.

Screenshot 2020-10-23 at 14.42.09.png

Secondary Colors.

Our secondary brand colors are the light grey, yellow and blue. The yellow and blue we use to bring subtle accents into the design. The lighter grey we use to display content that is subtle and needs to stand out less and when we need an extra color to represent content that is secondary to context.

Screenshot 2020-10-23 at 14.42.17.png

Usage Proportions.

It is important to follow the rules of these proportions when creating any brand communication in order to maintain brand consistency and remain accessible for all people.

Brand colors [Recovered]-05.jpg

Color Guidance.

Avoid any of the following practices:

(X) Combining yellow and blue in the composition.

(X) Displaying the logo on a color not specified on this brand guideline.

Brand colors [Recovered]-06.jpg

(X) Using black typography instead of the dark grey.

(X) Using a black background instead of a dark grey background.

Brand colors [Recovered]-07.jpg

Color Applications.

The following applications are allowed: 

(✓) Combining brand colors in a way that secures contrast.

(✓) Using black and white color effect.

Brand colors [Recovered]-01.jpg

(✓) Using dark grey text over light grey or white backgrounds.

(✓) Using white text over dark grey background or over darker imagery.

Brand colors [Recovered]-02.jpg


Still unsure about how to use our brand?

Check out our FAQ/Help section to clear all questions!

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